Monday, February 17, 2014

Vanor Custom Class: The Trickster

This is another custom class for the Ruins of Vanor campaign (the others thus far: the Holy Dungeoneer and the Arcanum Delver), but unlike the others that I made, this one was made by one of my players (using the ACKS Player's Companion, as always). He had a very distinct concept in mind, as you will see.

Tricksters are touched by magic, descended or reincarnated of chaotic gods or immortals. They frequently manifest their latent abilities in their early teens, and sometimes even younger. While most tricksters spend their entire lives on the run, some are called to adventure by dreams and visions; others adventure out of a desire to learn the secrets of the gods.

Prime Requisite: CHA
Requirements: INT 9
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: 14

Because of their frequent need to abandon the life they've led, tricksters receive limited combat training. At first level, tricksters hit an unarmored foe (AC 0) with an attack throw of 10+. They advance in attack throws only two points every six levels of experience (i.e., half as fast as fighters), though they advance in saving throws by two points every four levels of experience. Because of their need of free hands and movement, they may only fight with quarterstaffs, clubs, daggers, and darts. They are unable to use shields, fight with two weapons, or wear any kind of armor. For these reasons, tricksters are quite vulnerable to physical danger, and in an adventuring group they should be protected.

Because of a trickster’s magical nature, he does not reincarnate as other classes can. Instead of the usual result, a Trickster must roll 1d10; for results 1-6, also make an unmodified 1d20 roll on Tampering With Mortality, and use the 1d10 value in place of the usual 1d6 to determine additional effects.

  1. Human Trickster
  2. Human Trickster
  3. Human Trickster
  4. Human Trickster
  5. Human Trickster
  6. Human Trickster
  7. Human Trickster (No mortality roll)
  8. Human (pick Class)
  9. Demi-Human (roll 1d4, 1-2 Elf, 3-4 Dwarf, pick Class)
  10. Monster

Starting at 1st level, a trickster has the ability to move silently and/or hide in shadows as a Thief does. While Tricksters are not natural pickpockets, their first manifestation allows them to use prestidigitation and pick pockets as a thief of half-class level. At 2nd level, a trickster gains the running and skulking proficiencies (already factored into the table below).

At 3rd level, tricksters can learn and cast arcane spells as a Mage of 1/3-class level. They also manifest a silver tongue (command of voice) that gives them +2 to reaction rolls to reaction rolls with creatures he speaks to. If this bonus results in a total of 12 or more, the subjects act as if charmed while in his presence. Creatures with a WIS greater than the trickster’s CHA are immune to this power (and the trickster will know they are immune). Additionally, a trickster of 3rd level can perceive intentions, knowing the exact reaction result (Hostile, Unfriendly, etc.) of creatures he interacts with, even if the creatures attempt to lie or conceal their reactions. Creatures with a CHA greater than the trickster’s WIS are immune to this power (and the trickster will know they are immune).

At 4th level, tricksters are capable of sensing power (as the proficiency), detecting spellcasters within 60’ and estimate their level of power relative to his own. He can tell when arcane magic has been used within the last 24 hours within the same vicinity. (The trickster cannot necessarily sense whether an item is magic, unless it has been used in the last 24 hours.) Each use takes a turn. He can also use alter self as a spell-like ability once per hour with a 1 turn casting time.

At 5th level, once per day, a trickster can use charm monster as a spell like-ability with a 1 turn casting time.

At 7th level, the trickster gains a +2 bonus to reaction rolls when encountering intelligent chaotic monsters from his ancestors or former self’s ancient pacts. Intelligent chaotic monsters suffer a -2 penalty to saving throws against any charm spells cast by the character.

At 9th level, the trickster can establish a court of 2d6-1 thief apprentices of 1st level and a 1st level trickster will come to work with the character. If hired, they must be paid standard rates for ruffians. A successful character might use these followers to start a Thieves’ Guild. Additional rules for hideouts are detailed in the Campaign chapter. Additionally, the trickster also can teleport as a spell-like ability once per month, and can scry as a spell-like ability once per day with a casting time of 1 turn.

At 12th level, the trickster can use programmed illusion as a spell-like ability once per month with a casting time of 1 turn.

Upon reaching 14th level, the trickster faces a choice, and must select one of these two options:

  1. immediate reincarnation that also reduces level to 1 and XP to 0 using the table above, but without the required mortality roll on 1-6
  2. forever more roll both the 1d20 and 1d6 twice whenever rolling on the Tampering With Mortality table, taking the lower result of each.

Proficiencies: acrobatics, alertness, arcane dabbling, bargaining, bribery, contortionism, craft, diplomacy, disguise, elven bloodline, familiar, gambling, illusion resistance, knowledge, language, lip reading, loremastery, magical engineering, mapping, mimicry, performance, profession, quiet magic, running, seduction, skirmishing, skulking, and soothsaying

Trickster Level Progression
Trickster Attack and Saving Throws
ExperienceTitleLevelHit DiceAbilitiesPetrif. &
Poison &
Blast &
Staffs &
0 Stray 1 1d4 Hide in Shadows, Move Silently, Prestidigitation 13+ 13+ 16+ 15+ 14+ 10+
1325 Urchin 2 2d4 Skulking, Running 13+ 13+ 16+ 15+ 14+ 10+
2650 Ragamuffin 3 3d4 Command of Voice, Perceive Intentions 12+ 12+ 15+ 13+ 14+ 10+
5300 Guttersnipe 4 4d4 Sense Power, Alter Self 1/hour (1 turn) 12+ 12+ 15+ 13+ 14+ 9+
10600 Vagrant 5 5d4 Charm Monster 1/day (1 turn) 11+ 11+ 14+ 12+ 13+ 9+
21200 Swindler 6 6d4 11+ 11+ 14+ 12+ 13+ 9+
40000 Shyster 7 7d4 Ancient Pacts 10+ 10+ 13+ 11+ 12+ 8+
80000 Flimflammer 8 8d4 10+ 10+ 13+ 11+ 12+ 8+
180000 Trickster 9 9d4 Teleport 1/month (1 round), Scry 1/day (1 turn) 9+ 9+ 12+ 10+ 11+ 8+
280000 Scoundrel 10 9d4+1 9+ 9+ 12+ 10+ 11+ 7+
380000 Mountebank 11 9d4+2 8+ 8+ 11+ 9+ 10+ 7+
480000 Imposter 12 9d4+3 Programmed Illusion 1/month (1 turn) 8+ 8+ 11+ 9+ 10+ 7+
580000 Pretender 13 9d4+4 7+ 7+ 10+ 8+ 9+ 6+
680000 Deceiver 14 9d4+5 Reincarnation 7+ 7+ 10+ 8+ 9+ 6+

Trickster Special Abilities
Trickster Spells
Level Move
Hide in
Prestidigitation 1 2
1 17+ 19+ 17+ - -
2 14+ 16+ 17+ - -
3 13+ 15+ 16+ 1 -
4 12+ 14+ 16+ 1 -
5 11+ 13+ 15+ 1 -
6 10+ 12+ 15+ 2 -
7 8+ 10+ 14+ 2 -
8 6+ 8+ 14+ 2 -
9 4+ 6+ 13+ 2 1
10 2+ 4+ 13+ 2 1
11 1+ 2+ 12+ 2 1
12 1+ 1+ 12+ 2 2
13 1+ 1+ 10+ 2 2
14 1+ 1+ 10+ 2 2

Image Credit

"Crow Man" by James Zapata (link).