Monday, September 14, 2015

Cults of Atlantis: The True Atlanteans

This mystic cult was designed by Rich Forest for the Magisterium Campaign.

The True Atlanteans

Atlantis is the city of paragons. Its people strive for excellence in their crafts, as it is through prowess that men and women reveal and honor the God Within. When an Atlantean comes closer to understanding the God Within, they begin to leave behind the limits of the body. True Atlanteans are not a class or caste apart. They are members of the community and neighborhood like all others. However, they are respected for their excellence and achievements, and their counsel is often sought and weighed heavily when wisdom is needed.


Starting Cultures: Atlantean
Starting Careers: Paragon
Standard Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Insight, Perception, Willpower
Professional Skills: Meditation, Mysticism

Students, Disciples, and Masters

Student: Aura (Confidence), Augment Craft (choose one), Augment Endurance, Augment Insight, Augment Lore (choose one), Augment (Willpower)
Disciple: Denial (Hunger and Thirst), Immunity (Disease), Immunity (Poison)
Master: Enhance (Healing Rate), Indomitable

Notes: Each True Atlantean develops mastery of one Craft or Lore--but only one. One of the True Atlantean’s starting disciplines must be either Augment Craft or Augment Lore. Whatever Craft or Lore is chosen, that is the only Craft or Lore that True Atlantean may learn to augment.