Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cults of the Inner Sea: Arsaphian Codex

Arsaphian Codex

Written and developed by the Vanoran sorcerer Arsaphius of Psamathia, the Arsaphian Codex contains knowledge and incantations designed to protect a sorcerer from physical and magical threats. Although the look, binding, and providence of more recent copies vary, original versions of the slightly paranoid sorcerer's tome are bound in covers of hard cedar wood decorated with ivory inlays in the shape of Arsaphius' open hand sigil.

Currently, there are three main practitioners of the Arsaphian Defense in Andrassos willing to teach those eager to learn defensive magicks. First, the Slezan mystic, Ladislav White-Hair, residing in a broken down monastery estate outside the village of Marash in Opsikion Theme, is always willing to take on new students, provided they agree to listen to White-Hair go on at length about the teachings of the Slezan faith of the Three-Fold Man. Second, members of the Fraternity of Inner Light, a noble association of scholars operating out of the city of Andrassos, are able to study the Arsaphian Defense as one of several magical traditions the group pursues. Finally, the chief intelligence office of the Andrassan Exarch’s administrative household, the Magisterium, is believed to offer its agents access to the Arsaphian Codex during training. 


Starting Cultures: Andrassan, Rothari, Vanoran
Standard Skills: Endurance, Willpower
Professional Skills: Healing, Invocation (Arsaphian Defense), Lore (Vanoran Magical Traditions), Shaping, Survival
Shaping Taught: Combine, Duration (Long), Focus, Magnitude

Apprentices, Adepts, Magi, and Archmagi

Apprentice Spells: Castback, Damage Resistance, Intuition, Mystic (Hearing)
Adept Spells: Enhance POW, Protective Ward, Spell Resistance 
Mage/Archmage Spells: Hide Life
Gifts: Sanctuary (Mage/Archmage)