Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cultures of Hrimgate: Vandal

This culture was created by Rich Forest for his War in the North Campaign last year. The original can be found at Superhero Necromancer

Vandal (Civilized Culture; Language: High Atlantean)

Standard Skills
Athletics, Endurance, Deceit, Influence, Insight, Locale, Willpower

Combat Style: Vandal Levy
Primarily fight with spear and viking shield; also trained with longspear, javelin, dagger, hatchet, and battle axe. [Cultural Style - Lower]

Combat Style: Vandal Soldier
Primarily fight with spear and viking shield or sword and viking shield; also trained with longspear, javelin, dagger, hatchet, battle axe, j«ętunn axe (great axe). [Cultural Style - Upper]

Formation Fighting (Vandal Soldier Benefit)
Permits a group of three or more warriors to draw into close formation, placing more open or disordered opponents at a disadvantage (provided the ‘unit’ cannot be outflanked) and thus reducing each foe’s Action Points by one if they engage.

Professional Skills
Art (any), Craft (any), Courtesy, Language (any), Lore (any), Navigation, Seamanship, Streetwise

Specialist Careers
Seafarer, Varangian, Viking

Societies: Diggers College, Magisterium 
Sorcery Cults: The Atlantean Conclave
Theist Cults: Old Hoary Beard, Sail Filler, Tree Breaker

The Vandals first served as mercenaries in Atlantean armies hundreds of years ago. Today, there is a Vandal kingdom on the northwest coast of Atlantis itself. Vandals still fight alongside Atlantean Kingdoms against the rising threat of the Asturian Empire, with its undead hordes. 

Vandals are common along the northern coasts of Atlantis and southern coasts of Borea. When seen, it is often in the company of Atlanteans, either as traders, as bodyguards, as mercenary recruiters, or as scholars. Most Vandals speak High Atlantean, but their scholars and elites study the old Vandal tongue, which was closely related to the tongues of the Hothar, Iotar, and Thiudar. These scholars travel the world to learn the legends of Old Hoary Beard, the Sail Filler, the Tree Breaker, the one northern god still worshiped among the Vandal people.