Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cults of Atlantis: The Society of Paragon Seafarers

The Society of Paragon Seafarers

The City of Atlantis is a city of seafarers. The people of Atlantis are the people of the sea. The highest expression of the god within is expertise, excellence, and prowess. Is it any wonder that among the Atlanteans the Paragon Seafarers have arisen? It is not. 

Paragon Seafarers have sailed Atlantean vessels around the entire circle of the world. Wherever Atlanteans are found, seafarers are among them, for it is the seafarer who brought them safely across dangerous waters. 


Starting Cultures: Atlantean, Vandal
Starting Careers: Seafarer
Standard Skills: Boating, Endurance
Professional Skills: Craft (Shipboard Specialty), Meditation, Mysticism, Navigation, Seamanship

Students, Disciples, and Masters

Student: Augment Craft (Shipboard Specialty), Augment Endurance, Augment Navigation, Augment Seamanship
Disciple: Aura (Calm), Denial (Rain and Storms)
Master: Adhesion