Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cultures of Hrimgate: Atlantean

This culture for the Magisterium Campaign is a slightly tweaked version of the Atlantean culture posted to Superhero Necromancer last year for Rich Forest's War in the North Campaign

Atlantean (Civilized Culture; Language: High Atlantean)

Standard Skills
Customs, Influence, Insight, Locale, Perception, Ride, Willpower

Combat Style: Atlantean Civilian
A more limited style, using quarterstaff, dagger, and knife. At range, sling or short bow.

Combat Style: Atlantean Guard
Quarterstaff. Also dagger, knife, shortsword, and trident and net. At war, pike, glaive, longspear. At range, sling or short bow.

Cautious Fighter (Atlantean Guard Benefit) 
Can use the Change Range action to automatically withdraw from engagement with no need to roll.

Professional Skills
Art (Any), Commerce, Craft (any), Language (any), Literacy, Lore (any), Navigation, Seamanship

Specialist Careers

Societies: Diggers College, Fraternity of Inner Light, Magisterium 
Sorcery Cults: The Atlantean Conclave, The Atlantean Mysteries
Theist Cults: Sol Invictus (worshipped by the Mehari, Atlanteans from the Northeastern High Countries)

Atlanteans originally hail from the city of Atlantis, far to the the distant south in a land of glittering cities, steaming jungles, and sorceries undreamt of in Borea. The Atlantean Kingdoms fight a war on two fronts, one with the rising Asturian Empire that sits between them and the North, and another with the Serpent Kingdoms that sit at the heart of the continent of Atlantis.

There are many Atlanteans in Andrassos. Most who appear are merchants. Some are here to recruit Andrassan and Varangian mercenaries for their armies. Some are here to keep an eye on the Andrassans and their dabbling with the Vanoran sorceries of old. The Atlanteans remember their one and only war with Vanor and do not wish to see the Exarchate follow in the footsteps of Asturias.

Atlanteans do not worship the gods, nor do they worship Sol, nor do they worship the spirits of the land. Each Atlantean worships “the god within.” They believe themselves to be a divine people, and through proper rites and practices, their divinity can be brought forth into the mortal world.