Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cults of the Inner Sea: The Arcanum Collegium and the Arcane Delve Brotherhood

This RuneQuest 6 sorcery cult is twinned with an attendant organization that made its first appearance as an ACKS custom class for my Ruins of Vanor campaign last year. Here the concept has been adapted to RuneQuest for the Magisterium campaign.

Arcanum Collegium

Led by a council of magi called the Five Plus One, the Arcanum Collegium is sorcery guild operating out of the Tower of Mysteries in the Ruins of Vanor. Although their ultimate motives are a mystery, the Collegium’s stated goal is the recovery of lost Vanoran artifacts and magicks throughout the Inner Sea. As such, the Collegium teaches a very specific style of sorcery focused on locating and transposing objects and people at great distances. When used in concert with the skills of the Collegium’s attendant Arcane Delve Brotherhood, the sorceries of the Collegium prove extremely adept at recovering the lost treasures and magicks of fallen Vanor.


Starting Cultures: Rothari, Vanoran
Standard Skills: Native Tongue, Willpower
Professional Skills: Folk Magic, Invocation (Arcane Ruin Mysteries), Literacy (Vanoran or Old Vanoran), Lore (Vanoran Magical Traditions), Shaping
Folk Magic Spells: Appraise, Calculate, Deflect, Find Flaw, Mindspeech, Pet, Protection, Repair
Shaping Taught: Duration (Long), Magnitude, Range, Targets

Apprentices, Adepts, Magi, and Archmagi

Apprentice Spells: Intuition, Mark, Mystic (Sight), Summon
Adept Spells: Neutralize Magic, Portal, Project (Sight)
Mage/Archmage Spells: Teleport
Gifts: Divination (Mage/Archmage Only)

Brotherhood of the Arcane Delve

Also known as the Delvers’ Brotherhood, this organization is an attendant association to the Arcanum Collegium in the Ruins of Vanor. Its members are trained as agents of the Collegium, and in return for service, gain access to secret arcane skills known only to the Collegium. As a brotherhood, it is open to any who show the proper aptitude and who wish to delve deep into the many ruins left scattered around the Inner Sea by the collapse of Vanor.

The Delvers Brotherhood operates out of the Tower of Mysteries in the Ruins of Vanor, and that is where prospective members must first make their appearance before the magi of the Arcanum Collegium and be judged. 


Starting Cultures: Rothari, Vanoran
Standard Skills: Stealth
Professional Skills: Folk Magic, Lockpicking, Literacy (Vanoran or Old Vanoran), Lore (Vanoran Magical Traditions), Lore (Vanoran Ruins), Mechanisms
Folk Magic Spells: Avert, Bypass, Coordination, Find Treasure, Incognito (ruins only), Knock, Witchsight

Delvers, Loremasters, Arcane Delvers, Ruin Masters

Delver Gift: Second Sight (character gains ability of Mystic Sight, costs 1 Magic Pt to invoke)
Loremaster Gift: See the Design (character's Lockpicking and Mechanisms skills are recalculated, adding +POW to both)
Arcane Delver Gift: Sense Connections (aware of those places w/ magical or mystical connections to somewhere else; can spot gates and portals on a successful Perception roll), Invulnerability to Poison
Ruin Master Gift: Lucky