Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Careers of Atlantis: Paragons and Seafarers

The following are two specialist careers for RuneQuest 6 characters using the Atlantean culture posted yesterday. These were created by Rich Forest for the world of Hrimgate.

Paragon (Atlantean Career)

Many Atlanteans seek unity with their own God Within. A paragon is one who has found it. Through this search the paragon gains great mastery of one or more skills and even of their own mind and body. Paragons are respected as heroes, leaders, and guides in Atlantean communities. 

Standard Skills
Athletics, Customs, Endurance, Influence, Insight, Perception, Willpower

Professional Skills
Craft (any), Culture (any), Language (any), Literacy (any), Lore (any), Meditation, Mysticism

Seafarer (Atlantean, Vandal Career)

Paragon Seafarers have sailed Atlantean vessels around the entire circle of the world. Wherever Atlanteans are found, seafarers are among them, for it is the seafarer who brought them safely across dangerous waters. 

Standard Skills
Athletics, Boating, Brawn, Endurance, Perception, Swim, Willpower

Professional Skills
Craft (Shipboard Specialty), Culture (any), Language (any), Meditation, Mysticism, Navigation, Seamanship