Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cultures of Khamaz: Salmukaran

Salmukaran (Civilized Culture; Language: High Agadic)

Standard Skills
Deceit, Endurance, Influence, Insight, Locale, Perception, Sing

Combat Style: Salmukaran Alubari
As a recent refugee community, Salmukarans have worked hard to develop and maintain basic fighting skills throughout the lower orders (alubari), who are trained with spear, dagger, hatchet, and sling. [Cultural Style - Lower]

Combat Style: Salmukaran Pahi
Primarily fights with spear and hoplite shield; also trained in mace, akinaka shortsword, dagger, javelin, sling, and short bow. [Cultural Style - Upper]

Defensive Fighting (Salmukaran Pahi Benefit)
When parrying a blow during combat, a Salmukaran pahi's weapon is considered one step higher in size.

Professional Skills
Craft (any), Commerce, Language (any), Literacy, Lore (any), Musicianship, Streetwise, Teach

Specialist Careers
Shangu Priest

Societies: Brotherhood of Merchant Venturers, Diggers College, Inkashic Brewers Guild, Magisterium
Theist Cults: The Dustmen, The Gate Walkers, The God Hunters, The Lost, The Star Synod

An ancient and proud people, Salmukarans were the first people in the world blessed with the sacred parşu of civilization, and with it, they built the first estates of the gods from the black land of the sacred rivers in Khamaz. Their cities were rich and majestic, their knowledge expansive and revolutionary. But with this wealth and bounty came conflict and envy, and Salmukarans have a long history of fighting to protect the blessings of the gods from those who would take them for themselves.

Even in exile, with the Doom of Nibiru shattering their lands and cities and casting the rubble down into the Star Sea, Salmukarans carry the gods and their sacred parşu with them. New lands will be found. New estates will be built. Atlantis, Borea, the Crescent Kingdoms, all have enjoyed the fruits of the Salmukarans’ first plucking. Now they can repay that bounty, in full.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Cultures of Khamaz - The Lost Garden of the Sun

Far across the world ocean was once a mysterious land of ancient cities, fertile river valleys, and arid deserts, the true name of which was unknown by those in Borea or simply forgotten to time. Ancient Vanorans knew it as Khamaz and spoke tall tales of demon lizard shibboleths and gods in living form ruling the land from great temple platforms in its cities. Older than Vanor, more ancient than Mhedia, more antique perhaps than even Hyperborea and Atlantis, Khamaz was a primordial land -- the Garden of the Sun -- known only to those who could see into the Deep.

And then, within the living memory of only the most wizened elder, a great calamity befell Khamaz, and the land was gone.

But not its people.

The first refugees to Borea came as but a trickle, isolated landings in great sailing ships whose passengers carried statues of their gods and lamented the coming of Nibiru. Soon, a great flood of humanity swept across Borea, spreading throughout the southern lands of the continent from east to west. A proud people brought low by disaster, the arriving Khamazi peoples were not content to remain as refugees and castoffs in a foreign land, and they soon turned their attentions to carving new homes into the face of the land.

Today, Khamazi communities are found throughout the South of Borea, both along the eastern coasts and the Gleaming Isles and along the western shores of Mhedia and the Southern Reach. In some lands, they are a useful but distrusted minority, using their past learning and cultural knowledge as a currency to buy new stations from the old elites. In others, however, they have become lords and conquerors themselves. As lords and elites plot to destroy their enemies and armies prepare to clash across the South, Khamazi watch the preparations warily. They will not lose all they have regained so easily. The Doom will not befall them again.


The next several posts on Tales of Hrimgate will add flesh to the various Khamazi peoples that have migrated to Borea. All have been built with RuneQuest 6 in mind. The list below will be updated with appropriate links when posts go live.


  • Salmukarans
  • Nashiri
  • Khurrite


  • Shangu Priest
  • Pirru Cavalry
  • Assaru Charioteer

Cults and Societies

  • The Pantheon of Khamaz: The Annunaki
  • The Star Synod
  • The Dustmen
  • The Keepers of the Great Deluge
  • The Gate Walkers
  • The God Hunters
  • The Cult of the Lost
  • The Inkashic Brewers Guild