Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cultures of Khamaz: Salmukaran

Salmukaran (Civilized Culture; Language: High Agadic)

Standard Skills
Deceit, Endurance, Influence, Insight, Locale, Perception, Sing

Combat Style: Salmukaran Alubari
As a recent refugee community, Salmukarans have worked hard to develop and maintain basic fighting skills throughout the lower orders (alubari), who are trained with spear, dagger, hatchet, and sling. [Cultural Style - Lower]

Combat Style: Salmukaran Pahi
Primarily fights with spear and hoplite shield; also trained in mace, akinaka shortsword, dagger, javelin, sling, and short bow. [Cultural Style - Upper]

Defensive Fighting (Salmukaran Pahi Benefit)
When parrying a blow during combat, a Salmukaran pahi's weapon is considered one step higher in size.

Professional Skills
Craft (any), Commerce, Language (any), Literacy, Lore (any), Musicianship, Streetwise, Teach

Specialist Careers
Shangu Priest

Societies: Brotherhood of Merchant Venturers, Diggers College, Inkashic Brewers Guild, Magisterium
Theist Cults: The Dustmen, The Gate Walkers, The God Hunters, The Lost, The Star Synod

An ancient and proud people, Salmukarans were the first people in the world blessed with the sacred parşu of civilization, and with it, they built the first estates of the gods from the black land of the sacred rivers in Khamaz. Their cities were rich and majestic, their knowledge expansive and revolutionary. But with this wealth and bounty came conflict and envy, and Salmukarans have a long history of fighting to protect the blessings of the gods from those who would take them for themselves.

Even in exile, with the Doom of Nibiru shattering their lands and cities and casting the rubble down into the Star Sea, Salmukarans carry the gods and their sacred parşu with them. New lands will be found. New estates will be built. Atlantis, Borea, the Crescent Kingdoms, all have enjoyed the fruits of the Salmukarans’ first plucking. Now they can repay that bounty, in full.