Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Xiras: A City in Stygia

Last week, I tossed up a quick post showing off the city map for Kharazim that I hand drew. As first efforts go, it wasn't too bad, especially considering my distinct lack of artistic talent. One of my friends made the comment that it was pretty close to a publishable piece (that is to say, when looking at it, you could almost think it would fit in the back of a published RPG book -- high praise from someone not known for offering empty compliments).

This week, I have another hand drawn city map, this time the Stygian city of Xiras, former capital of the old Stygian Empire. Chief religious center for the Stygian Immortal cult of Mazda, Xiras is a sprawling city of canals, hanging gardens, and nefarious merchant princes squabbling over the remains of a dead empire. Enjoy!