Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cults of Stygia: Mazda, the Firewalker

Mazda, the Firewalker
Cult of Mazda, the Firewalker, of the Nine Immortals (Stygian, Theistic)
Mazda, the Firewalker, is the First Among All of the Nine Immortals, the Flame of Truth, the Sword of Light. It was Mazda who took the Stygian peoples to the sea and brought them to Borea. Founder of Xiras, the old Stygian capital city, and builder of the Great House of Fire, the Firewalker was also the Great Smith of the old Stygian Empire, laying an iron foundation forged in the hottest fires that, in the end, bowed only to the Witch-Kings of Vanor.

Today, he sleeps the Immortal Sleep, the Deep Dreaming, somewhere in the maze-like catacombs of the Great House of Fire, waiting for his time of need, waiting for the End of All, the Oncoming Darkness, so he can awaken again with his fellow Immortals and vanquish the Lie once and for all.

Cultists of Mazda make the proper Mazdic offerings of fire and water, promote justice and righteousness throughout Stygia, and teach the guiding principles of the Mazdic Rites, an ancient set of proscriptions, rituals, and procedures from before used to prepare the Stygian people for the struggle against the Oncoming Darkness. As the vanguard of this struggle, Mazdic priests also craft and stockpile weapons and armor for the Great Battle at the End of All, which has a nice side benefit of providing a steady income for the cult.

The Bull Processionary, Great House of Fire, Xiras
The Judge, The Smith, The Flame of Truth, The Sword of Light

Lay Members
Standard Skills: Insight, Perception
Professional Skills: Devotion, Exhort, Lore (the Nine Immortals)
Folk Magic: Avert, Firearrow, Fireblade, Light

Initiates, Acolytes, Heroes, Priests
Initiate Miracles: See the Light (Cure Blindness), Forged in Flame (Sacred Band), Steadfast, Sunspear, True Sword
Acolyte Miracles: Consecrate, Judgment (Omen, from Monster Island)
Hero/Priest Miracles: Excommunicate, Rain of Fire
Gifts: Reincarnation (Priests only)

The Tiered Altar, Chamber of the Eternal Flame, Great House of Fire, Xiras