Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Careers of the South: Nashir Cavalry

Nashir Cavalry (Lemurian Career)

Standard Skills
Conceal, Drive, Endurance, Evade, Locale, Ride; Combat Style (Nashir Cavalry)

Professional Skills
Craft (Animal Husbandry), Healing (Horses), Lore (Horse Breeds), Lore (Strategy & Tactics), Navigation, Survival, Track

Combat Style: Nashir Cavalry (Professional Style)
Recurve bow, javelin, broad sword, mace, hatchet

Nashir Mounted Archery (Benefit)
This style allows the cavalryman to ignore the skill cap placed upon ranged combat rolls by the Ride skill. In addition, when using a ranged weapon, mounted or on foot, the cavalryman may shift a random hit location to an adjoining body location.

Units of Nashir Cavalry are the mobile backbone of any Lemurian fighting force. Using horses bred from those few brought over from doomed Lemuria, these highly trained units are faster, more agile, and able to disrupt enemy formations from a distance with deadly, pinpoint accuracy. Used to open ranging through steppe and desert in their lost lands across the world ocean, Nashir cavalry have also adapted well to the mountainous, rocky terrain common throughout Stygia and the Southern Reach.