Monday, September 14, 2015

Cults of the Inner Sea: The Atlantean Conclave

This sorcery cult was designed by Rich Forest for the Magisterium Campaign. 

The Atlantean Conclave

The Atlantean Conclave is an organization of Atlantean sorcerers of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and traditions who have banded together for mutual support and benefit in this strange northern city. The conclave provides tutelage and services for the Atlantean community of Andrassos and acts as an anchor for visitors and traders from Atlantis. Nearly all Atlanteans of note in Andrassos are members, including traders, local business people, Paragons, and seafarers. Most members are not themselves sorcerers. Every Atlantean sorcerer in Andrassos is a member of the conclave, with one exception: the mysterious founder of the cult of the Atlantean Mysteries keeps apart. The leaders of the Atlantean Conclave, for their part, disapprove of the actions of this mysterious rogue Atlantean who shares lost secrets with any wealthy local who joins that cult.

Only Atlanteans are allowed to join the conclave. 


Starting Cultures: Atlantean, Vandal
Standard Skills: Insight
Professional Skills: Courtesy, Culture (Andrassos), Invocation (Atlantean Conclave Sorceries), Language (South Vanoran), Literacy, Shaping
Shaping Taught: Duration (Long), Magnitude, Range, Targets

Apprentices, Adepts, Magi, and Archmagi

Apprentice Spells: Intuition, Mark, Spell Resistance, Telepathy
Adept Spells: Summon, Spirit Resistance, Store Manna
Mage/Archmage Spells: Neutralize Magic
Gifts: Perfection (mage/archmage gift)