Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cultures of Hrimgate: Andrassan

Andrassan (Civilized Culture; Language: South Vanoran)

Standard Skills
Conceal, Deceit, Influence, Insight, Locale, Perception, Ride

Combat Style: Akritoi Light Infantry
Trained as skirmishers to fight with short bow and javelin, but also some rudimentary training with spear, dagger, and hatchet. [Cultural Style - Lower]

Combat Style: Psiloi Garrison
Trained primarily as garrison and support troops, using the light crossbow, shortsword, dagger, and hatchet. [Cultural Style - Lower]

Combat Style: Andrassan Koursorses
Primarily fights with Andrassan kontarion lance, toxon bow (recurve), bardoukion war mace, and kite shield, usually on horseback, but can also be deployed on foot. Has further training in spathion (sword), dagger, and shortsword. [Cultural Style - Upper]

Mounted Combat (Andrassan Koursorses Benefit)
This combat benefit allows the rider to ignore the skill cap placed upon combat rolls by the Ride skill. 

Professional Skills
Art (any), Bureaucracy, Commerce, Courtesy, Language (any), Literacy, Lore (any), Seduction

Specialist Careers
Adventurer of Vanor, Andrassan Assassin, Andrassan Cataphract, Monk, Skutatoi Heavy Infantry, Sol Priest

Societies: Brotherhood of Merchant Venturers, Fascinarium, Fraternity of Inner Light, Magisterium
Sorcery Cults: Adelphic Society of War Fire, Arsaphian Codex, The Atlantean Mysteries, The Daemon Hexes, Invidentia Vanorum, Pharmakon of Sarturius Duro, The Umbral Way, The Victarian Mysteries
Theistic Cults: Sol Invictus (the Unconquered Sun) and the following aspect cults - the Martial Sun, plus any family/ancestor cults appropriate and custom to a character

In the waning days of the Vanoran hegemony, when Imperial control fell away from far-flung exarchates and Vanoran civilization withered to a husk, some areas were able to survive. Andrassos was one such land. Perched on a rocky peninsula overlooking the Sea of Ainos (where the Inner and Axial Seas meet) and behind virtually impregnable walls, the city of Andrassos remained a bastion of civilization and order as barbarous hordes and invading armies brought old Vanor low. 

But that does not make Andrassans complacent. Although one of the richest cities in all of Borea, its resources are not infinite. Although protected by high walls and an army of highly trained cataphracts, its borders are not secure. Although blessed with a legacy of civic prosperity and mature culture, its enemies both foreign and domestic are relentless in their desire to seize, plunder, and conquer. Thus, Andrassan society has adapted accordingly, embracing the politics of diplomacy and subterfuge, the application of power through secrecy, and the leveraging of economic power to keep threats to their way of life off balance and unsure. Considered schemers and cowards by some, Andrassans care little about the opinions of others on this matter. Their way of life will endure.